Iranian Databank of Osteoprosis WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Education on Management of Osteoporosis and Diabetes      Endocrinology and Metabolism Disorders Research Center

بانك اطلاعات پژوهش هاي استئوپروز

About the Databank

Significant studies and researches are performed annually about osteoporosis and other bone diseases in Iran. Easy access to the results of these studies is of great importance to increase the quality of the programs designed to challenge these diseases. Considering the high need for providing accessibility to these data, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Centre of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Iranian Osteoporosis Research Network have established Iranian Databank of Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases so that interested individuals in the field can freely access and use the data.

Iranian Databank of Osteoprosis
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